Tyrrell Movies

In-car movies of Tyrrells driving at historic racing circuits like Long Beach, Spa, Monaco...

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This month:

John Delane clinches the TGP Class A Championship for Tyrrell 001 at Brno!
A great chance to get and idea of the flowing beauty of this fantastic track nestled in the Czech Repbublic.

Low (900 kb), Medium (1.6 Mb), High Res (5.8 Mb)

John Delane sets fastest historic car time up the hill in Tyrrell 006!
JD really hangs it out on this tight, treaturous circuit to get a good time up Lord March's driveway in this perfectly restored specimen.
Low (600 kb), Medium (1.0 Mb), High Res (3.5 Mb)

John Delane qualifies fifth at Monaco in Tyrrell 001!
Not exactly lagging about, are we! JD hounds the fantastic '72 BRM, then catches a P34 on his way to a great qualifying run in the highly competitive GP Historique de Monaco in the oldest winged car there!

Low (1.2 Mb), Medium (2.2 Mb), High Res (7.7 Mb)... AND...

Next month:

Compare 001 (JD) and 006 (RD) at Monza and have a go at Estoril!