Tyrrell 002
Owner: John Delane
Drivers: Jackie Stewart, John Delane, Ryan Delane
Caretakers: Veloce Motors, West (US); Chief Mechanic: Dave Vegher
Caretakers: Hall & Hall (UK); Chief Mechanic: Andy Willis

Tyrrell 002 in front of Veloce Motors, West Headquarters in Petaluma, California

Photograph: Ryan Delane
Tyrrell 002 was sold to the Fittipaldi collection, where it was shown for many years in Brazil.

It was then purchased by a collector who found he was not comfortable racing it, who then turned and sold the car to John Delane in 1997. In 2002, John Delane took the FIA Class A TGP Championship in Tyrrell 002.

Andy Willis, of Hall & Hall, in the UK, performed a total restoration while the car was under their care in 2002. Tyrrell 002 is cared for in the UK and Europe by Hall & Hall.

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