Tyrrell 001
Owners: The Tyrrell Family
Drivers: Jackie Stewart, John Delane
Caretakers: Hall & Hall; Chief Mechanic: Andy Willis

Tyrrell 001 in the lot at the old Tyrrell Works Shop, at Ockham

Photograph: Ryan Delane
Tyrrell 001 was retired following a less than perfect United States Grand Prix in 1971 with Peter Revson.

Following its retirement, it was owned by Ken Tyrrell, who allowed it to be shown in the Donington Museum of Grand Prix cars. When Team Tyrrell folded in 1997, Ken's collection of Tyrrells was set to be auctioned off. The Tyrrell family was sorry to see the cars go, so they pooled their money and bought Tyrrell 001, without telling their father.

The car continued to be shown in the museum until they saw John Delane with 002 at Goodwood in 2002. They approached him with a deal that would let him race 001 at certain high-profile historic races if he would pay for the restoration. Delane drives the car at as many races as he can, in the UK, the US, and on the continent. In 2005, John Delane took the FIA Class A TGP Championship with Tyrrell 001. From time to time, Sir Jackie Stewart also drives the car.

Delane entrusted the restoration to Andy Willis of Hall & Hall in England. They continue to care for the car in the UK and at races on the European Continent.

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