John Dimmer
Owner/Driver: Tyrrell 004

John Dimmer poses with Tyrrell 004

Photograph: Ryan Delane
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John Dimmer, a bright invester from Washington and an avid motorsport historian, approached John Delane with an idea. He purchased Tyrrell 004 in boxes, amidst a full restoration.

His idea was to recreate ELF Team Tyrrel of 1971, using Delane's 002 and his newly acquired 004. Together, they would hit the historic racing circuit, recreating the Tyrrell Twin, "Jackie and Francois" show. Dimmer has restored 004 to it's 1972 Monaco specifications (where Stewart ruggedly drove it to a 4th place while fighting ulcers).

Dimmer went to Europe in 2002 to race at the Grand Prix Historique de Monaco and Pau, where he impressed everyone with his quickness. At Pau, he came third overall, dispelling myths about American historic drivers being more interested in "the show" than racing properly. Dimmer proved that he could do both.

Dimmer also races a fantastic Tasman Lotus 35. Now his sister has joined him in their Formula Ford, and when their father, John Sr. joins them, it's a family affair.

The rest is history... and so it continues...

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