Tyrrell 003

Tyrrell 003, Jackie Stewart, 1971 Spanish Grand Prix

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The winningest chassis in Formula 1, Tyrrell 003 is credited with eight Grands Prix victories, more Grands Prix victories than any other single Formula One chassis in history. Chassis 003 was built in the Tyrrell Wood Shed right after Tyrrell 002. Stewart took the untried machine to a difficult first Grand Prix at Spain, plagued by rain during practice, then shining sunny at the last moment on raceday, where he promptly won, beating a gaggle of favored V-12s. The longer wheelbase of 002 was kept for 003, with adjustable footpedals to make up the size difference between team-mates. As in 002, the roll hoop was embedded into the monocoque chassis.

Immediately following their victory in Spain, Stewart and Tyrrell came home to show Britain what the new car could do. At the International Trophy at Silverstone, Stewart won the first heat, and in doing so, set a record lap with the car.

Team Tyrrell then ventured to historic Monaco where Stewart cleaned up again. In fact, the only races Stewart didn't win that year were the Dutch (sticking brakes; 11th), Austrian (drive shaft; out), and Italian (engine; out), and United States Grands Prix (tire trouble, 5th), the last of which his team-mate François Cévert won.

The airboxes were used at the Dutch GP for the first time. Also at Zandvoort, 003 tested the "sports car" nose, fashioned after the front end of a Porsche 908. The nose cancelled more lift than the "blade" nose, which allowed more download to while reducing drag. Stewart used the new nose for the first time in the race at Paul Ricard. No other DFV powered car could keep up with the Tyrrell-Fords in a straight line. Stewart in 003 lead the ELF Team Tyrrells to a 1-2 in the French Grand Prix at Paul Ricard, and again at the German Grand Prix at the Nürburgring in 1971.

Tyrrell 003, Jackie Stewart, 1972 French Grand Prix

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At Monza, the Tyrrells were fitted with special low-drag oil cooler ducting, designed for the high speeds of the circuit. Alas, it didn't work for 003, when the engine let go on lap 16.

The United States Grand Prix at Watkins Glen looked to be a Tyrrell 1-2 again. Then Stewart in 003 faded with tire trouble, and Cévert came through to win.

003 was used for much of 1972, until 005 was brought out. Stewart won driving 003 in 1972 at Argentine GP (Buenos Aires) and again at French GP (Clermont-Ferrand), and set another record lap at the British Grand Prix (Brands Hatch) before the car was retired.

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Chassis:003 Built:April, 1971
Cosworth DFV
Gearbox:Hewland FG400
5 spd manual
Frt brakesOutboard
Girling vented disks
Rr Brakes:Inboard
Girling solid disks
Wheelbase:95.7" Length:152.0"
Height:36.0" Rr Track:64.9"
Weight:1203 lbs. Frt Track:63.0"

First Tyrrell-built winning car, built in wood shed at Ockham; first ran the "blade" nose and no airbox. Airbox fitted and used from the Dutch GP on. "Sports car" nose fitted and used from 1971 French Grand Prix on. Also flirtation attempted with Girling "double disc" brakes. Ran oil radiator bodywork at 1971 Italian GP. Car bearing eight of Stewart's 27 Formula One victories, chassis used to win the 1971 Formula One World Championship. Chassis competed 18 races and 16 Grands Prix between 1971 and 1972: 8 wins, 6 poles, and 6 record laps.

Competed 18 April 1971 - 30 July 1972
Race:Spanish GP
Montjuich Park
Grid:4 Date:18 Apr 1971
Driver:Jackie Stewart Result:1 Exp: 
Race:International Trophy
Grid:2 Date:8 May 1971
Driver:Jackie Stewart Result:1
Exp:Record Lap
Race:Monaco GP
Monte Carlo
Grid:1 Date:23 May 1971
Driver:Jackie Stewart Result:1 Exp:Record Lap
Race:Dutch GP
Grid:3 Date:20 June 1971
Driver:Jackie Stewart Result:11 Exp: 
Race:French GP
Paul Ricard
Grid:1 Date:4 July 1971
Driver:Jackie Stewart Result:1 Exp:Record Lap
Tyrrell 1-2
Race:British GP
Grid:2 Date:17 July 1971
Driver:Jackie Stewart Result:1 Exp:Record Lap
Race:German GP
Grid:1 Date:1 Aug 1971
Driver:Jackie Stewart Result:1 Exp:Tyrrell 1-2
Race:Austrian GP
Grid:2 Date:15 Aug 1971
Driver:Jackie Stewart Result:DNF Exp:Drive Shaft
Race:Italian GP
Grid:7 Date:5 Sept 1971
Driver:Jackie Stewart Result:DNF Exp:Engine
Race:Canadian GP
Mosport Park
Grid:1 Date:19 Sept 1971
Driver:Jackie Stewart Result:1 Exp: 
Watkins Glen
Grid:1 Date:3 Oct 1971
Driver:Jackie Stewart Result:5 Exp: 
Race:Championships Victory Race
Brands Hatch
Grid:6 Date:24 Oct 1971
Driver:Jackie Stewart Result:3 Exp:Race stopped
Race:Argentine GP
Buenos Aires
Grid:2 Date:23 Jan 1972
Driver:Jackie Stewart Result:1 Exp:Record Lap
Race:South African GP
Grid:1 Date:4 March 1972
Driver:Jackie Stewart Result:DNF Exp:Gearbox
Race:Spanish GP
Grid:4 Date:1 May 1972
Driver:Jackie Stewart Result:DNF Exp:Accident
Race:French GP
Grid:3 Date:2 July 1972
Driver:Jackie Stewart Result:1 Exp: 
Race:British GP
Brands Hatch
Grid:4 Date:15 July 1972
Driver:Jackie Stewart Result:2 Exp:Record Lap
Race:German GP
Grid:2 Date:30 July 1972
Driver:Jackie Stewart Result:11 Exp:Accident