Danny Sullivan
Parts Gofer, Chauffeur, Fiberglass/Sheetmetal Cleanliness Engineer; at post 1971

Danny Sullivan was 21 when he travelled to England to try his hand at British Formula 3. In order to pay his way, he worked for ELF Team Tyrrell doing whatever he could. He had become acquainted with Tyrrell at the Questor GP at Ontario, California, a non-championship F1/F5000 challenge race.

He first worked for Tyrrell at the 1971 Monaco GP, which Stewart won handily. He helped the team to pushe tires around and to polish the bodywork. While at the shop, one of his duties was to pick people up at the airport and bring them to the Tyrrell headquarters.

Sullivan went on to have a successful racing career, including a drive for Tyrrell in 1983, alongside Michele Alboreto. After his stint in Formula One, Sullivan came back to the States to score his famous "spin and win" at the Indy 500 in 1985, while driving for Roger Penske.

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