Alan "Mr. Whippie" Stait
Machinist; at post from 1958-1967, 1971-retirement

Alan Stait was one of those with Tyrrell for the long haul. He left for a few years only because his post at Tyrrell would have required him to travel, something he'd grown quite tired of. He went to McLaren, who were able to offer him a resident position that didn't require his presence along the Grand Prix circus. In 1971, when Tyrrell was able to offer him a similar position, he was back to stay.

He was known at the shop for wearing his bright white coat. One of the team members commented that he looked like an ice cream man, and as a favorite ice cream of the time was the "Whippie", Stait became known to the close-knit team as "Mr. Whippie".

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