Norah Tyrrell
Team Secretary, Timing, Scorekeeping, Team Principle; at post from 1952-1998

Norah Harvey met a young RAF soldier named Ken Tyrrell at a ball. Although she was not at first impressed with the tall Sergeant, she agreed to marry him a little over four months later.

From that time on, Ken and Norah Tyrrell were inseperable. They lived and grew together, from a rubble-filled hut to life as a successful Formula One Constructor.

Norah supported her husband at all of the races. She became well-known through the pits as one of the greatest scorekeepers in the sport. She had her own drawer in the Transporter, just for her stopwatches and boards. If the FIA found a discrepancy in their timing, they would go to Norah Tyrrell.

When Ken passed in '01, Norah Tyrrell was left without her greatest friend and partner. In May of 2002, less than one year later, Norah passed, to join her mate and husband.

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