Neil Davis
Works Manager; at post from 1972-1998

Neil Davis is one of the original Tyrrell loyalists. "Big D" was Tyrrell's mechanic and manager from 1958 until 1972, when he began his post as works manager. From then on, Davis didn't have to go to races, as he oversaw all of the workings of the Tyrrell Formula One team from the beginning until the end.

Happily, Davis still joins Team Tyrrell at races, making appearances at Goodwood and other UK events from time to time. He is always happy to share a story about the "good old days", although Davis was clearly as happy to be involved in the late 1990's as he was when the whole thing started in 1958, and when he was winning Championships with Tyrrell in the 70's.

The expert on everything Tyrrell, this web site owes much of it's information to Neil Davis. Team Tyrrell wishes Neil many, many thanks, and we hope that he will continue to join us when he can.

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