1971 ELF Team Tyrrell Overall Statistics

Races16out of (possible):16, 100%
Grands Prix11out of (possible):11, 100%
GP Starts23out of (possible):23, 100%
GP Poles6out of (possible):11, 54%
GP Top Five Starts15out of (possible):23, 65%
GP Top Ten Starts19out of (possible):23, 83%
GP Finishes16out of (possible):23, 70%
GP Wins7out of (possible):11, 64%
GP Podiums11out of (possible):23, 48%
GP Top Five Fin12out of (possible):23, 52%
GP Top Ten Fin15out of (possible):23, 65%
Record Laps5out of (possible):16, 31%
DNFs7out of (possible):23, 30%
Accidents3out of (possible):7, 43%